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We are committed to providing financial solutions for our neighbors and supporting our local community. From knowing our customers to participating in community organizations and activities, you will see visible proof that Fidelity Financial Inc Bank is your hometown bank!

Our history began in 1983 with a group of business owners that decided national banks were unable to fulfill their lending needs due to their unique business conditions. The national banks stayed away from the large acreage, hobby farms, horse farms, non-electrified homes, unique properties and rural properties that dot the countryside of America. Therefore, these local businessmen decided to join together and create a bank where financial decisions and advice were made locally by people that understood the local environment. Hence, Fidelity Financial Inc was born

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Some Milestones

Fidelity Financial Inc has built upon its legacy as an international bank providing banking solutions for our community and other countries around the world. Although our technology and products have evolved from our conception, we continue to demonstrate the vision from which this company was founded. Since our establishment, Fidelity Financial Inc has grown to $365 million in total assets. Today, Fidelity Financial inc is a full service community bank offering a variety of loan and deposit products. We encourage you to give us a try and experience the difference.







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Bank anytime, day or night, from your home or office anywhere you have Internet access. Online Banking cuts down on trips to the bank and with a few simple keystrokes and mouse clicks your banking can be complete!

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